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Reiki Training Level 2

Reiki training Level II is the next stage on your path to enlightenment. On this Reiki training course you will will learn now to heal yourself and others on every level: physical, emotional and spiritual. This means that you will actually be able to work on specific conditions directly ranging from mild back pain to more serious terminal illnesses.

Taking this Reiki training course qualifies you to become a Reiki practitioner if you choose to do so. This Reiki course has 1 attunement, which dramatically elevates your frequency. Included in this Reiki training course are traditional Japanese Reiki techniques, such as: Koto dama, Gyoshi Ho and Hatsu Rei Ho. By the end of this Reiki training you will be on the second stage of your spiritual journey, healing and balancing the mind, body and soul of yourself and others (if you choose to do so).

Reiki Training Details, Price and Syllabus

This Reiki training is taught over one day.
This Reiki training is certificated.
Reiki manual is included.

Cost £170

Entry requirements:
  • Must have completed Reiki Level 1 training
  • The course consists of the  following syllabus :
  • Energy frequency/ amplitude
  • Reiki Lineage
  • Reiki Ideals (Usui Sensei/ Mrs Takata)
  • Electric/ magnetic healing
  • The Reiki symbols (description and uses)
  • Koto dama
  • Passive Reiki healing
  • Active Reiki healing
  • Correct drawing of the symbols
  • The ten basic foundation Reiki methods
  • Japanese Reiki techniques:  Gyoshi Ho / Koki Ho/ Hatsu rei ho (including Joshin Kokyu ho and Kenyoko ho)
  • Professionalism with patients
  • The interview forms/ treatment forms
  • The Reiki method using symbols
  • Giving Reiki treatments
  • Practice Reiki
  • Practice distant Reiki healing
  • Practice beaming Reiki
  • Relaxation methods
There is 1 attunement and 3 Reiki symbols with this Reiki training

NB: After each attunement and practice session, time will be given to discuss the students experiences.