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Press Releases

Healthy Magazine, January 2006 issue [pdf version]

Many of us decide to turn over a new leaf for the New Year, but for some brave souls it presents an opportunity to change their whole career and lifestyle - here's how one reader did it, and how you can do it too. 

Jon Cope


TNT Magazine, Monday 18th July 2005 issue [pdf version]

Amy Adams discovers how you can help yourself through the energy channelling art of Reiki

Once associated with the incense soaked realm of new age hippies, Reiki is rapidly infiltrating the mainstream. Like acupuncture and reflexology before it, doctors are now recommending Reiki as a viable healing method, and today it's practiced through the world by many millions of

Health & Fitness Magazine, July 2005 issue [pdf version]

More potent than standard Reiki, Active Reiki aims to reach the parts other healing systems can't, says Eve Boggenpoel.

Sceptics used to call it 'flaky Reiki', but now this Japanese healing system is available in hospitals throughout the country, and GPs are increasingly referring patients for treatment.

Enfield Independent, Wednesday 23rd March, 2005 [pdf version]

Kate Southern
Four years ago, Andy Chrysostomou could barely walk. A keen kick-boxer, he developed spondylosis, an inflammation of the spine, and was suffering terribly.
Andy said: "My doctor told me I would be crippled and the pain got so bad I was practically unable to walk. I was getting really desperate and began looking for an alternative way to help myself."
Andy turned to a Reiki practitioner and immediately felt the benefits. He went on to complete a Reiki level one and two course and used Reiki to heal himself.

Natural Health and Beauty Magazine, Feb 2005 [pdf version] 

Nicole Kidman is a fan so just what is so special about Reiki? We ask Reiki healers Andrew and Dawn Chrysostomou why they think it is so special.

Why did you become a Reiki Master?

Due to severe spondylosis of the spine I was suffering with chronic pain and losing mobility. The only option offered to me was surgery on my spine but I wanted to see if complementary therapies could help first.