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Glossary of terms used on this site

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A professional warrior belonging to the Japanese feudal military aristocracy. Mikao Usui's family was a high level within the ranks of Samurai.

Seishin Toitsu (Contemplation)
A technique that is used as part of Hatsu Rei Ho.

Self Healing
The process of healing yourself using the Reiki energy with certain hand positions.

Shihan Kaku
The fourth level on the Reiki path. Beginner teacher in Japanese levels.

Shihan Sensei
The fifth level on the Reiki path. Expert Reiki teacher in Japanese levels.

The third level on the Reiki path. Healing Mastership/ Psychic Mastership or Spiritual Mastership in Japanese Reiki Levels.

Shirushi is the Japanese word used to describe the Reiki symbols.

The first level on the Reiki pathin Japanese levels. Rei or spiritual healing - beginner level.

Shuyo Ho
Practicing Hatsu Rei Ho as a group activity.