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Rainbow Reiki
A technique used to vary the frequency of the energy used to heal to match the frequency of specific physical or emotional conditions, using the Reiki symbols and colour.

Has various interpretations: universal energy outside all living things, the highest spiritual consciousness, God's energy. Rei energy has a frequency of 7, 200 cps (cycles per second) or above.

Rei Shower (Aura Cleansing)
A technique used to cleanse the aura.

Reiji Ho
Reiji (indication of the Reiki energy), Ho (methods). This is a technique for connecting to the energy to become one with the energy before Reiki treatments (Chiryo).

See empowerments.

This is a Japanese word made up of two words 'Rei' and 'Ki' and is used here in the West to denote the Usui System of Natural Healing, but has also come to encompass a whole range of energy healing systems which are not necessarily connected with Mikao Usui.

Reiki Guides
Ascended Reiki Masters, spirit guides or other higher beings that are often said to help practitioners with their healing.

Reiki Healing Crisis
see Healing Crisis.

Reiki Ideals (or Gokai)
The five precepts developed by Mikao Usui to live your life by, which should be recited morning and night by a student of Reiki or a Reiki practitioner or teacher. As presented by Mikao Usui (Japanese translation) these are:

The secret of inviting happiness
The miraculous medicine of all diseases
Just for today, do not anger
Do not worry and be filled with gratitude
Devote yourself to your work and be kind to people
Every morning and evening join your hands in prayer,
Pray these words to your heart and
Chant these words with your mouth
Usui Reiki Treatment for the improvement of body and mind
The founder Usui Mikao

As presented by Hawayo Takata these are:

Just for today, I will let go of anger
Just for today, I will let go of worry
Just for today, I will give thanks for my many blessings
Just for today, I will do my work honestly
Just for today, I will be kind to my neighbour and every living thing.

Reiki Levels
Reiki courses are divided into levels. In the West these are generally as follows: Reiki Level 1 (Rei or spiritual healing), Reiki Level 2 (Reiki practitioner), Reiki Level 3 (Healing Mastership), Reiki Level 3a or level 4 (Teaching Mastership). Some teachers do not have level 3a or 4 so their Reiki Level 3 would be the Teaching Mastership instead of the Healing Mastership.

In Japan there are seven levels as follows: Shoden (Rei or spiritual healing), Okuden (Reiki practitioner), Shinpiden (Healing Mastership), Shihan- Kaku (Beginner Teacher), Shihan Sensei (Expert Reiki Teacher) and levels 6 and 7 are by invitation only.

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