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Glossary of terms used on this site

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An ideographic or pictographic character used in a Japanese system of writing based on borrowed or modified Chinese characters.

Kanji Hand Positions
These are traditional hand positions that appear in many different cultures. Used for Reiki they allow us to focus our thoughts and ask for the help we need with the tasks we are completing.

Kenyoko Ho (Dry Bathing)
A technique to cleanse the etheric and physical body that is used as part of Hatsu Rei Ho.

Life force energy (also known as Chi in China, Prana in India, Ti in Hawaii), is inside and surrounding all living things. Ki is a much lower energy frequency than Rei.

Kihon Shisei (Standard Posture)
A technique that is used as part of Hatsu Rei Ho.

A Japanese form of Qi- Gong, a healing discipline that teaches the practitioner to build up their own life force energy (Ki) to use for healing purposes.

Koki Ho
Healing through the breath.

Koto Dama
A form of affirmation or mantra used to connect to the source of the Reiki energy.

The mountain in Japan where Mikao Usui is said to have been given the Reiki energy through his crown chakra.