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same as Reiju, used by the Reiki Master to put higher frequency Reiki energy into the student to raise their vibrational frequency. Empowerments are different to attunements because they raise the frequency of the student a little at a time where as attunements offer a direct connection to the energy source. Usui-Sensei used empowerments for students he would see very frequently, but for those whom he would not see on a regular basis he would use attunements.

Gassho (Prayer)
Putting your hands in prayer position and holding them in front of your chest by your heart.

Gendoku Ho
A technique to detoxify and purify and to connect to your higher self.

Gokai Sansho (Affirmations)
A technique that is used as part of Hatsu Rei Ho.

Gyoshi Ho
Healing through the eyes.

Hado Kokyu Ho
A Japanese method of vibrational breathing used to induce relaxation thereby improving immune system function.

Hado Meiso Ho
A Hiroshi Doi method of inducing a deep state of vibrational meditation.

Hatsu Rei Ho
This is a Japanese Reiki technique combining meditation, minor empowerment and self healing intended to enhance the flow of Reiki energy.

Hayashi, Chujiro
One of the 16 Masters Mikao Usui initiated and taught. He expanded Reiki in a more clinical way. Hayashi taught Reiki to Hawayo Takata.

Healing Crisis
When you have been attuned to Reiki or sometimes when you have received Reiki, the negative energy gets pushed out of your body and replaced with higher frequency healing energy. This process can cause physical and emotional reactions that while they can seem distressing initially are a product of the healing process and as long as continual healing is given will subside.

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