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Andy Chrysostomou came to Reiki after developing severe spondylosis of the spine. He was in extreme pain and lost mobility in his arms and legs. He was told by his doctor that the condition was degenerative and that he would eventually be in a wheelchair. He was offered surgery but was told that it was a fifty, fifty chance of whether it would work or worsen the condition. Andy searched for an alternative to surgery and found Reiki.

By learning Reiki and self-healing on a daily basis Andy is now able to live a normal life and work out six times a week. He has been teaching and practicing Reiki for nine years and has taught hundreds of students this amazing healing therapy. 

Alongside his Reiki work he is currently a freelance journalist, writing book reviews for High Spirit Magazine, and a web designer. He is also an author and together with Dawn has written a definitive guidebook to Reiki, called The Essence of Reiki

Andy's websites can be found at: and

Dawn Mellowship is an author, freelance journalist, web designer and a Reiki practitioner and teacher. 

At twenty-four years old, suffering from a back condition and feeling disenchanted with her life, Dawn undertook a Reiki course. From that moment on her life was radically transformed. Dawn broke free from negative past patterns of behaviour, changed her entire lifestyle and dedicated herself to self-healing with Reiki and helping others through her healing, teaching and writing work. 

The Reiki work of Dawn and her partner, Andy Chrysostomou, has been featured in a range of publications, including: Natural Health and Beauty, Health and Fitness, Healthy, TNT and Positive Health. In addition to her Reiki work Dawn is a freelance journalist and currently writes and ethical fashion column for High Spirit Magazine. Dawn also spent some months as the features editor of a women's lifestyle magazine called Tonic. Dawn produced many articles for Tonic magazine about health, beauty, lifestyle and poignant issues, as well as interviewing a host of celebrities. 

Dawn Mellowship is the author of four books, Passage To Freedom - a spiritual guide for life that illuminates the path to achieving happiness, personal growth and ultimately, blissful enlightenment; You Can Only Achieve What is Possible - a self-help guide, that offers alternatives to traditional self-help solutions; The Essence of Reiki - which guides the reader through the methods taught by the founder Mikao Usui and discusses the healing system of Reiki, and Toxic Beauty - detailing the toxic chemicals used in cosmetic and personal care products. 

Dawn's websites can be found at: and (a resource for sufferers of digestive disorders).

Andy and Dawn also run other Reiki websites at and